Old Varvara House

Discover paradise at Varvara Holiday Resort, nestled between the scattered hills and on the edge of the expansive waters of the Danube. This hidden gem invites you to experience a piece of history and tranquility in a place that holds the charm of Varvara, the village midwife, whose original house, dating back to 1904, stands proudly on one of Dobrogea's hills, overlooking the gateway to the Danube Delta.

In 2010, a new chapter began as we embarked on the journey of restoration after acquiring the house and land. The outcome is not just a holiday retreat; it's a living museum of folk art. We've meticulously preserved the original architecture, seamlessly blending it with modern living standards. Every piece of furniture is a handmade work of art, and every little detail has been recovered and unveiled for you to marvel at the beauty of times gone by.

At Varvara Holiday Resort, step into a world where history meets luxury, where tradition embraces contemporary comforts. Whether you're captivated by the historical charm of the house, lounging in our carefully designed living spaces, or exploring the scenic surroundings, every moment becomes a journey into the heart of cultural richness.

Come and be a part of the legacy. Varvara Holiday Resort is not just a destination; it's an immersive experience in the embrace of history, art, and natural beauty. Book your stay now and let the echoes of the past enchant your present.

Varvara's Chamber is a flat for 2 people, newly refurbished in 2020, highlighting the Romanian tradition and tranquility.

Valley house was built in 2014 with two things in mind: to offer as much comfort as possible, and to offer the best views to those living in it.

The Summer House, although is a new building, it retains the imprint of traditionalism and simplicity.

The Cherry Apartment, was built in 2016 – 2017.

The Lakeview house is one of the two newest aditions to our resort, available from April 2018.

The second new addition of the Complex, which became available since the