About us

We are a small family, Roberto Paladini, an Italian originating from Rome, and Eleonora Sanda Cojocaru, a Romanian originating from Galati, and their two children, who share the love for the beautiful Danube Delta and for the simplicity and tradition of old life.

After countless holidays spent in the country, we decided to invest in a place in the Danube Delta. As we reached the edge of the reservation, we found  a very quiet corner,  with an old traditional house.

We restored the former house, keeping the specific architecture and atmosphere intact. We wanted to keep the tradition and charm of this old house. It was a team work, a beautiful work and an exhausting work at the same time. Seeing the House of Vechia Varvara taking shape was enough payment for the hard work. Today it is what we wanted it to be, more than a house, a “museum” of old culture and a glimpse into the old country life.

Gradually Varvara`s House  project grew, and became Varvara Holiday Resort with the contribution of Cristina(Eleonora's sister) & Catalin. They live in UK but they travel frequently to Romania and they are helping during the peak of the season. Together we added 4 more cottages to our complex, and we started collaborating with some big online booking sites. Now, tourists from all continents can appreciate this wonderful corner of the world.

We also have two outdoor swimming pools, we organize boat trips on the delta canals, and we provide our tourists with kayaks and bicycles. In addition, we decided that our bulidings roofs should be covered with thatch which is an unlimited resource from the delta. This gives the buildings a picturesque appearance in accordance with the traditional style of the Danube Delta. Using thatch supports the local economy and culture while it gives a great interior comfort through its outstanding insulating properties.